Processing begun on Walsworth Admin’s latest contract

claims processing

Training has been completed for Walsworth Administration’s second contract with Volkswagen Group of America, and claims processing has already begun.

Desktop Training Administrator Tina Litsch explained the training her staff underwent for the new contract, which involves vehicles with three-liter engines. VW representatives trained 40 employees, who will be processing a total of about 80,000 claims.

To bring employees up to date on the three-liter claims process, VW representatives traveled to Brookfield, Missouri, May 22-25. Walsworth employees spent three days learning how to process the different claims and verify documents such as identification, bill of sale, corporate documents, lease agreements and registrations.

Walsworth Administration’s second contract with VW involves many high-end vehicles, including models by Audi and Porche. Litsch said many of the cars affected by this claim are worth as much as $130,000.

“It’s more quality than quantity,” she said. Walsworth Administration handled about 475,000 claims for the first contract, involving two-liter engines. Although the new contract is for only about one-sixth the number of vehicles, Litsch said VW will spend about the same amount.

Most of the 40 employees working the three-liter contract were involved in the first round of claims. Litsch said the bar is now set higher, and they are prepared to rise to VW’s expectations.

“It’s a great opportunity. We’ve got a lot of good employees that are ready to work. I think we do a rather good job, for knowing what we did know compared to what we do now.”

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