Strong performance leads to second contract

Walsworth Administration

After performing exceptionally well in the handling of claims for Volkswagen Group of America’s 500,000 vehicle buy-back, Walsworth Administration’s Claims Processing Center has secured a second contract with the automobile giant.

After VW settled their very public emissions fraud suit for two-liter diesel engines, they were inundated with roughly a quarter-million claims. The company had told the Department of Justice they’d process claims in-house, but quickly realized they would need to bring in an outside team.

Walsworth won that contract in November 2016, and within 10 days was processing about 4,000 claims per day. The company quickly addressed VW’s backlog to meet strict DOJ mandates. At the height of the project, Walsworth Administration had as many as 80 employees handling up to 11,000 claims per day.

“We obviously did a tremendous job for VW and became a trusted partner under the two-liter program,” said Beau Peters, who drives business development for Walsworth Administration.

In spring of 2017, VW began accepting bids for their three-liter vehicle buyback program. VW again chose Walsworth, awarding the second contract in late April.

“At this point, they knew they could trust us. They knew we had all the systems in place, the IT Security, great management processes,” Peters said. “I think it was probably a no-brainer for them to stay with us.”

The three-liter program affects approximately 80,000 vehicles, primarily Porsche and Audi models. Walsworth Administration hopes to build upon this success and expand capabilities.

Our intent is to build a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solution to support a wide variety of scenarios to include insurance claims administration, auto and general product recall initiatives and, of course, mass tort and class action claims processing. As a result, we’re actively seeking other client opportunities where we can leverage this proven infrastructure and, based on our success with VW, expect this part of our business to grow substantially. – Don Walsworth, President

Placing the processing center in Brookfield, Missouri, helps employ people in the middle region of the country where jobs are not as plentiful.

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