Vehicle OEM Diesel Emissions Claims and Document Processing Success Story

U.S. operations of the world’s largest vehicle OEM engaged with Walsworth Administration in early November 2016 to provide document review and claims validation services in support of a 500,000 vehicle, multi-billion-dollar, court-ordered buyback initiative.

As hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicle owners’ claims packages arrived, the volume of claims had quickly overwhelmed the company’s in-house administrative resources. To meet extremely punitive, court-ordered claims processing turnaround mandates, they recognized the need for a third-party business process outsourcing partner to address this challenge.

After selecting Walsworth Administration, training and procedures review commenced less than a week after contract execution at Walsworth’s Brookfield, Missouri, facility where daily claims package processing volumes hit 4,000 in just 10 days. By the first week of December, Walsworth Administration’s team had grown to more than 70 claims agents stabilizing at 11,000 claims processed per day and nearly eliminating the claims backlog by the end of December 2016.

The client’s Washington, D.C.-based, court-appointed settlement supervisor visited Walsworth’s Brookfield site in January 2017 to conduct thorough due diligence to include Walsworth’s management processes as well as site and IT systems security.

The supervisor’s review resulted in 100% approval of Walsworth Administration’s operations for purposes of supporting large vehicle OEM claims processing and other mass tort and class action cases.

By February the vehicle OEM expanded Walsworth’s mandate to include buyback offer generation, offer document review, and outstanding loan balance verification with lenders. As this work continued, the OEM reached a settlement with the US Department of Justice in May 2017 for a separate vehicle engine category and, based on Walsworth Administration’s strong performance, the team in Brookfield was awarded the claims administration contract for this initiative as well.

While this engagement is ongoing, to date Walsworth Administration has processed more than 325,000 claim document packages and 200,000 buyback offers for the client while playing a key role in maintaining compliance with the court’s requirements for claims processing turnaround.

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